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Jobname Jobnum Workplace Begin End
Embedded Systems Software Engineer 6 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,Bachelor degree or above in electronics, communication, computer, etc.

2,Proficient in C / C  language programming, 2 + years of embedded C languagedevelopment experience, familiar with data structure, algorithm, operatingsystem and other related knowledge;

3,Familiar with Linux kernel and Linux system application development, more thantwo years experience in embedded system development;

4,familiar with DVB-T, ISDB-T, CMMB and other standards, more than three yearsDTV project software development experience;

5,familiar with the MPEG standard, TS resolution, understanding of videoinformation in the whole system processing flow;

6,ST, Boardcom, Mastar and other set-top box platform software developmentexperience is preferred;

7,has a good English listening, speaking, reading ability, you can communicate inEnglish;

8,communication skills, good team spirit, high engagement, good execution, highintegrity, strong sense of service.


1,the chip is given in the original SDK on the basis of secondary development,the formation of large-scale mass production of mature software;

2,to provide customers with technical support DTV, fast and effective solution tothe problem;

3,responsible for DTV-based application development, debugging work;

4,responsible for software-related documents, the knowledge of the results intothe company's technology accumulation;

Linux Software Engineer 5 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,Linux platform application software design work;

2,Linux platform application software development;

3,Linux platform-related custom project development;

4,independent completion of software product module design, coding, FBI,maintenance and other stages of development tasks;

5,according to the detailed design documentation and code to writespecifications, using the required programming language, in accordance with thesoftware product development program to prepare the program code;

6,according to the software product testing requirements, the procedures for thepreparation of functional unit testing, unit test report submitted;

7,according to the software product to help the preparation of the documentrequirements, the preparation of help documents;

8,responsible for the progress of software development and quality;

9,according to the specific difficult problems in software systems, technicaldifficulties in the technical research;

10,the Middleware to customize, deal with communications services and variousaudio and video strategy services;


1,responsible for the company's car audio and video navigation system programunder the Linux platform software development and application;

2,for the customer car audio and video navigation products to provide technicalsupport;

Senior Software Engineer, Android Framework 3 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,must have embedded development experience

2,5 years experience in Android Framework development

3.Familiar with Framework / JNI

4,must have embedded development experience

5,good software development process habits

6,a good sense of teamwork


1.Adaptation Android framework layer needs change, a small modification of theoriginal architecture, service customization, etc .;

2.Work closely with third party companies to integrate Framework and APPdevelopment;

3.Good teamwork quality, able to guide the completion of interface with the APPcolleagues to complete the project tasks;

Administrative Personnel Manager 1 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1.Bachelor degree or above in administration, enterprise management, etc., with R& D enterprise management experience;

2.Familiar with national and local regulations and policies, with good governmentrelations;

3.Strong affinity, responsibility, ability to resist pressure, leadership andenthusiasm, have good execution, observation, teamwork, communication andcoordination ability and organization and management ability;

4.Stable, honest, honest and trustworthy, analytical, problem-solving ability,good image quality;

5.Have a good literary quality, be able to draft plans, summaries, drafts andother meetings;

6familiar with modern enterprise management, office logistics management,administrative affairs management has a wealth of experience;

7.Have excellent outreach, public relations capabilities and the ability to solveemergencies;

Sales Engineer 20 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,secondary school or higher, with engineering background;

2,familiar with the automotive electronics market, interested in the consumerelectronics industry, have their own views.

3,with electronic technology products sales experience (with engineeringexperience would like to transfer business).

4,sales engineer's career development goal is to sales manager or productmarketing manager.


1,according to the company's product line, to collect first-line customerinformation, expand the development of customers, the company's marketingstrategy, product understanding.

2,fill in the sales form, submit sales analysis and summary report.

3,to complete the distribution center for other work.

4,the customer in the sales and use of the process of problems, to be handled bythe procedures to help or contact the relevant departments or units properlyresolved.

5,is responsible for signing a sales contract with the customer, supervise thenormal performance of the contract as scheduled, and urging the salesreceivable due.

6,actively complete the provisions of the commitment or commitment to salestargets, to provide active, enthusiastic, satisfied and thoughtful service.

7,conscientiously implement the company's sales management regulations and implementationdetails, and strive to improve their own sales business.

Automotive HMI senior design engineer 2 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1, collegeor above, visual design, graphic design, art and design, industrial design,computer and other related professional;

2,more than two years or more in the car enterprises (OEMs or design companies)HMI (human-computer interaction) development work experience, and successstories;

3,Familiar with HMI (human - computer interaction) related technology, skilled inPhotoshop, Flash, coreldraw, CAD and other related graphic design software;

4,master the principles of human-computer interaction design, skilled use ofinteractive design methods, independent completion of the flow diagram / wireframe diagram and other interactive design;

5,a good visual design and innovation, color, style and characteristics of aunique view, complete the design of an independent product design andproduction of the entire interface capacity;

6,the HMI interactive design trends have a good insight;

7,Have a good and open professional attitude, lively and keen thinking, strongcommunication and coordination skills, writing ability, good team spirit andindependent work ability, can withstand greater work pressure, timely andefficient completion. task;


1,to participate in the definition of the concept of pre-product team to discussproduct prototypes for the project to provide creative planning, leadingproduct style direction;

2,Responsible for the whole project HMI (human - computer interaction) systemarchitecture, process design, prototype design, user interface design,development testing and other related work;

3,Responsible for the project management of the whole project, responsible forthe progress of the design and the quality of the design in the process ofproduct development, the corresponding technical documentation, including thedesign plan, design specifications, ensure the effectiveness of productdevelopment;

4,control product ease of use and beauty of the balance between the interface tocomplete the interactive behavior and function improvements, improve productease of use;

5.To develop visual and interactive design specifications, is responsible forsharing design experience, to promote the team to improve the designcapability;

Android system architect 5 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,5 years R & D software development and design experience Android, Androidcar 3 years development experience, management experience;

2,proficient in Android system architecture, familiar with the Android system, avariety of technologies, NDK development experience;

3,proficient in Android system compilation, customization, development anddebugging process;

4,familiar with the Linux kernel design, understand the driver structure,understanding of various peripherals and protocol stack;

5,solid foundation of the Java language, familiar with data structures andalgorithms, a strong coding capability;

6,able to independently build a complete Android system, a complete Androidplatform experience is preferred;

7,graphics, multimedia, communication or iOS application development experienceis preferred;

8,Good command of English working language, fluent oral expression andcommunication skills, good at writing technical documents.


1,responsible for the Android system software architecture design andarchitecture optimization design, selection of key technologies such as work;

2,responsible for the development of new products and new technology prototype,develop key technology line;

3,to lead and guide the development engineer for software development / unittesting and other work to ensure that products meet the system design goals;

4,to complete the project at all stages of the core document writing (softwarerequirements, outline design, detailed design, etc.);

5,the leading group to build technical expertise, building with the coredevelopment capabilities of the Android software development team.

Assistant Engineer 1 Shenzhen Nanshan 2017-02-04 2017-04-04


1,familiar with the vehicle electronic product testing, maintenance;

2,with the purchase of incoming verification, with the sale of upgrade testing;

3,shipments receipt report;

4,other supervisors arrangements.

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