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June 2016 before CarNet IVI successfully listed, became the first domestic networking products successfully loaded before the listing of enterprises.

June 2016 and the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a joint network of intelligent vehicle systems laboratory.

April 2015 joined the automotive electronics industry association to become the governing unit.

January 2014 to become Trimble (Tempo) navigation agency in China agent.
May 2014 Zhang Tao for the appointment of our perennial legal adviser.
November, 2014 Our ISO quality management system certification by the annual review.

In 2013 05 months to adapt to the company's strategic development, the company's internal organizational structure for rationalization.
May 2013 Semisky Beidou satellite navigation of a new generation of mobile intelligent vehicle terminal technology research and development" by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee included in a new generation of information technology industry support projects.
November 2013 Our ISO quality management system certification by the annual review.
In February, 2012, we obtained the certificate of the Great Wall Quality Assurance Center Quality Management System Certificate.
February 2012 I was the Secretary for high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City that certificate.
June 2012 CMMS digital TV module software has obtained the software product registration certificate.
June 2012 identified as software companies.
July 2012 To meet the company's development and business needs, from 200 square meters of office moved to 1,200 square meters of office.
In September 2012, the company obtained the certificate of National High-tech Enterprise.
November 2012 Our ISO quality management system certification through the annual review.
In December 2012, the registered capital of our company was changed from RMB 3 million to RMB 20 million.

2011 January joined the Hongkong TV Sichuan institutions, the establishment of Chengdu Hongjiang Bauhinia culture Communications Limited.
In 2011 06 won the 2011 annual broad communication strategic partner award.
November 2011 and again in the Canton signed cooperation.
November 2011 China FAW and Japan's Mitsubishi to visit our company.

April 2010 SARFT and China FAW cooperation in the digital module, developed by Semisky

 In 2010, through half year cooperation with BYD R & D team, our module has been formally transferred and mass production.

November 2010 signed with the Hong Kong Satellite TV, joined the Hong Kong TV Sichuan agency.
In 2010 November won the title of the city of Shenzhen key cultural industries.
December 2010 won the 2010-2011 in the dissemination of the best partner award.

February 2009 signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Radio and Television.
March 2009 signed a strategic partnership agreement with the National Weekly Alliance, which has nearly 400 million readers.
In May 2009, Sichuan Zhong Guang Communication Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan.
In August 2009 Semisky - Sichuan Zhong Guang Communication Business Office began business, including 13 experience shops have been officially opened, the market has been developed in Sichuan nearly ten thousand users, of which more than half of users are Seamy Skye own development.
In 2009, the exclusive right to Kangba TV ads.

February 2008 Successful introduction of R & D team, focusing on the development of national standard terrestrial digital TV, China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting TV and satellite digital TV related products.
November 2008 formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen SVA Group Mobile Video Co., Ltd., to jointly promote the Shenzhen mobile digital TV market.
December 2008, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) signed a tender for one million terminals, and CMMS series terminals were all shortlisted for bidding.

May 2006 FANTEK products in southern China agent.
August, 2006 Obtained the cooperation project of 3G project of Huawei Company successfully.

February 2005 successfully developed INTEL PXA270 multimedia portable applications.
September 2005 Company Shenzhen Semisky Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the registered capital of 3 million yuan.
December 2005 successfully developed SAMSUNG the ARM9 platform for the MP4, GPS products to provide complete terminal program.