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Trimble ETD Division--through thick and thin



       In 2017, April, Semisky attended themed meeting “Trimble ETD Division--through thick and thin”in Jeju and the meeting was successfully concluded. Trimble IVN team participated the meeting, and also VAR members such as Myungse and HB from South Korea, HACX and Semisky from China attended the meeting.

The report presented by product manager Alex and General Manager Steve pointed out three product directions in the next few years:

       1) Normal GNSS, i.e. EMB products. The market is booming currently. In addition to Condor / Copernicus-II / Bufalo / Silvana and other traditional products, D series, especially Dunnock D1216, a Compass / GPS dual-mode module, its cost is very competitive with competitors.. When the amount of support, the cost of the module can be narrowed down to within USD 6;

      2) Dead Reckoning, i.e. Normal IVN product. Multiple before-market solutions from modules to on-board;

      3) Short-term application ADAS PPP( Precise Point Positioning) to long-term auto-driving level positioning services.


      And also two technologies:

     1) map aiding:Map data aiding, employing the road information provided by map to correct navigation.
MMFB: MAP MATCHING FEEDBACK. The cause for this design:G
Gyro gyroscope has an angle error per second, deviated at the rate of 0.02d / s.  Inertial navigation based on this data source will also produce bias, so map data is added to assist navigation. Please distinguish from common road bindings (ie, GPS signals are lost after entering the tunnel, and the map is on a road by default).
 Working conditions: the current Trimble inertial navigation modules all support this feature, but must comply with HIPPO protocol.


    2)RTX FAST Technology: RTK(Real-time kinematic) EXTENDER

 The new generation products of DR support RTX FAST services to achieve realization of centimeter-level precision positioning, the maximum 4CM range of precision positioning;

 RTX service principle: There are error in GPS itself, by adding accurate data base station assistance, and send it to the user (through IP LINK or