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    Trimble ETD Division--through thick and thin

    In 2017, April, Semisky attended themed meeting “Trimble ETD Division--through thick and thin”in Jeju and the meeting was successfully concluded. Trimble IVN team participated the meeting, and also VAR members such as Myungse and HB from South Korea,

  • 13

    Green healthy line is happy

    Accompanied by a slight spring breeze, on April 9, we after two hours by car, came from Huizhou Huidong Xiaogui Village, began our day spring activities, this event in the joint efforts of all my colleagues, colleagues The active participation of the

  • 30

    Shenzhen Semisky Technology Co., Ltd. Won 2016 Ann...

    The 2017 China (Shenzhen) International Automotive Electronics Industry Annual Conference with the theme of “reform and innovation, coordination and development”was held on March, 28, 2017 in Shenzhen Futian Central District. At the same conference,

  • 13

    Company annual gathering in Shenzhen Kylin Villa 2...

    Waving goodbye to the past year and welcoming the coming new year, to pay regards to all the staff who have devoted themselves to the company in 2016, Semisky decides to host annual gathering dinner event on 17, January, 2017, the address is as follo

  • 27

    2014 Korea "Hyun move trip! "

    In order to encourage advanced and broaden the vision of employees, employees are organized annually in China or abroad. During the new year's day this year, the company organized staff to travel to South korea.

  • 26

    2016 Taiwan Sunshine trip, happy tour!

    Riyuetan Pool the spoondrift is our tears splash, Ali Mountain rolling Lin Tao is it to you soulful voice.

  • 23

    "Green World Tour! "

    Let's get close to nature and feel fresh!!

  • 23

    singing contest ended

    I hope you will be able to take part in the recreational activities that are beneficial to the body and mind, balance work and life, and work hard to make the work more outstanding.

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