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Semisky car audio video bridging Ethernet Technology (Ethernet Audio/Video Bridging Ethernet, hereinafter referred to as AVB) is a new IEEE 802 standard, which is based on traditional Ethernet network, the bandwidth guarantee (Bandwidth), (Latency) and the exact limit delay step (Time synchronization), Shi Zhongtong provides the perfect quality of service (Quality of Service), to support a variety of network multimedia application based on audio and video. Ethernet AVB focuses on enhancing the real-time audio and video performance of traditional Ethernet, while maintaining a 100% backward compatible with traditional Ethernet, is a very promising development of the next generation network audio and video real-time transmission technology.


?Builds onPolar switch core

?4-8 portswitch


?Automotive Rapid Boot


?ARM Cortex R4 processor







?Timesynchronization interface

?JTAG (test and ARM debug)

Technical features:

1)Ethernet integrated on a single chip PHY;

2)Supports IEEE 1588 V2 and 802.1AS standards to achieve accurate network time synchronization;

3)Advanced energy-saving technology to support a variety of low-power mode;

4)To meet the strict requirements of the automotive working environment (AEC-Q100, EMC, automotive temperature level);

5EMI radiation is low, strong anti-interference.

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