ANC Active Noise Reduction

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ANC Active Noise Reduction


       Semisky-ANC active noise reduction system will rule the first collection of engine speed issued by the noise detection microphone inside the car at the same time, calibration of environmental noise, the data into a comprehensive operational ANC system, calculate the noise and the opposite wave offset, so as to achieve the effect of noise.

ANC IP implementation:

. A generic algorithm using Lua scripting framework;
. All core algorithms are implemented using SIMD and hardware ring buffer assembly;
.A complete command line terminal support based on flash file system;
. The project from eLua transplanted to the SHARC processor assembly simulation equipment;

ANC scheme selection:

A. additional hardware solutions
. Minimal changes to existing audio processing and signal flow;
. All digital processing;
.After the car decoder to deal with noise elimination;

B. integrated software solutions
. Minimize the current audio processing signal stream;
. Low CPU overhead - integration with other signal processing;
. High quality audio quality - low noise and no audio interference;

ANC characteristics:

. Broadband noise cancellation - cancellation of periodic harmonic related noise, 400Hz;
. Noise input comes from a wide variety of RPM lines, accelerometers, etc.;
. Using existing audio system;
. Can be configured for a variety of vehicle depth customization;
. High performance algorithms adapt quickly to changing noise sources;

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