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V2X System

V2X (vehicle to X) refers to the car of the X (human, vehicle, road, cloud sharing information exchange, etc.), with complex control functions of environmental perception, intelligent decision-making, coordination, can realize the intelligent system efficiency and safety, comfort, energy saving ", is the future of intelligent transportation system key technology.
Match Metz Kai Technology Co. company has a network of intelligent vehicle technology development strength strong scheme related and rich experience, the development trend of V2X technology in the market, the research and design work of V2X scheme.

The characteristics of V2X intelligent network of car:

1)equipped with advanced on-board sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices
2)the integration of modern communication, network information and other advanced technologies
3)with complex environment perception, intelligent decision-making, automatic control and other functions
4) to realize the information sharing and cooperation between the vehicle and the external nodes
5)can make the vehicle to achieve safe, efficient, energy saving, can achieve zero casualties, zero congestion"

V2X intelligent network of automotive technology standard:

1)IEEE 802.11p 

2)IEEE 1609

3)IEEE 802.11an

4)ARIB STD - T109

5)ETSI ES 202 663

6)SAE J2735

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